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Web Sheldon

Web Sheldon is a singer, songwriter and producer of electronic music, originally from Sheffield and living in London. His sound incorporates Hip Hop beats with 80's synthesisers to produce dark electronic pop. With a history of acoustic singer-songwriting, his music has a strong emphasis on vocals and lyrics.
He narrates stories of modern life in London, singing about love and ambitions through to reflecting on topics such as overconsumption, social equality and LGBTQ life. Web Sheldon released 2 EP's and a single in 2016 and his debut album?'Fingerprints'?is due later in the year.
His second EP 'Today Is All' was listed by Backseat Mafia as one of the best releases of 2016 by Sheffield artists. He runs a blog via his website where he talks about his music and also features interviews and music for other up and coming acts. He collaborates often with artists from around the world featuring guest rappers, making remixes and writing/singing top line vocals.

Particle Zoo Discography:

London Love (PZR0023)
Fingerprints (PZR0020)
IG-ID (PZR0016)
Zoo Keeping 2 - 'All That Money Can't Buy' (PZR0012)