1. Sunshine Tomorrows
2. Sunshine Tomorrows (Dope My Wax Remix)
3. Sunshine Tomorrows (Playhead Remix)
4. Sunshine Tomorrows (Doc Moody's House Mix)
5. Sunshine Tomorrows (Al's Pink Celephane Remix)
6. Sunshine Tomorrows (Charlie Cheatz Remix)

Doc Moody - Sunshine Tomorrows

Co-founder and vocalist for Roni Size & DJ Die's classic Breakbeat Era project, Leonie Laws needs no introduction: currently residing in the top 50 of best drum and bass tracks of all time, this formidable goddess of the bass shows us how it should be done... ship shape and Bristol fashion.?
Leonie Laws and Doc Moody began working together after collaborating and performing for Onallee's incredible sell out show 'Futurism 3.0' at Bristol's Colston Hall.
With Leonie's world-class voice and Doc Moody's sumptuous production skills, their debut single on Particle Zoo is a simply stunning piece of Drum n Bass that draws on Bristol's fine heritage while updating the sound for today.
A plethora of incredible remixes, from the rinsing Jungle of Playhead, the skittering polyrhythms of Charlie Cheatz and the loping Tech-Funk of Dope My Wax through to Al's Pink Cellophane Remix and it's Funky House vibes, there's something for everyone. Displaying his impressive versatility, Doc Moody gives us a Deep House version of 'Sunshine Tomorrow' that almost surpasses the original!

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