1. Cinnamon ft. The Scribes
2. Cinnamon (Instrumental)
3. Tuk Tuk (Kreen Remix)

Sirklz ft. The Scribes - Cinammon

'Cinnamon' is the 3rd single from the debut Sirklz album 'Dystopiary'- out autumn 2016 on Particle Zoo Recordings.

Sirklz - 'Dystopiary' is a smouldering, malevolent compendium of songs loosely falling in the rap/hip-hop category, flecked with traces of Juke, Footwork, Electronica, Trap and Glitch.
The album features 5 vocal tracks - four of which come courtesy of UK indie-rap luminaries The Scribes, while the other features Ewan Hoozami on the nightmarish 'Treading Water'.
The Scribes bring dystopian, end-of-days lyrical content and bristling passion to the table, giving 'Dystopiary' a double-shot of venom to go with the bullish beats, driving instrumentation and humungous basslines.
'Cinnamon' comes complete with an Instrumenta mixl, and an exclusive remix from Particle Zoo's own Kreen!