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Music Tag

Zoo Keeping For Beginners

Track List:

1. Dave Remix - GTR
2. Ewan Hoozami - Take You There feat. OneSoul (Drum n Bass Vesion)
3. Box Rocket - The Way
4. STEGA - Could Be Mine
5. Fixed Point - Rise

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Welcome to "Zoo Keepers For Beginners"

This small compilation showcases the artists that we have on the Particle Zoo rosta.

Particle Zoo was born from a desire to provide today's party people with high quality music that recalls the spirit of rave history while stepping boldly into the future of Bass Music.

Rather than focussing on a specific genre, we are here to provide you with a smorgasbord of sonic delights - from Glitched up Hip-Hop to rinsing Drum n Bass, Midtempo Breaks to rolling Dubs... anything goes if it makes you want to bounce!

Keep tuned to for more information and release dates