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Music Tag

Sirklz feat. The Scribes

Track List:

1. Circle (Original Mix)
2. Circle (Instrumental Mix)
3. Circle (Figure Of Wax Remix)

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"Circle" is the lead single from the debut Sirklz EP "Dystopiary" - out autumn 2016 on Particle Zoo.

Sirklz - "Dystopiary" feat. the Scribes is a smouldering, malevolent compendium of songs loosely falling in the rap/hip-hop category, flecked with traces of Juke, Footwork, Electronica, Trap and Glitch.

In addition to barnstorming remixes from Figure of Wax and Kreen, the EP features 5 vocal tracks - four of which come courtesy of UK indie-rap luminaries The Scribes, while the other features Ewan Hoozami on the nightmarish "Treading Water".

The Scribes bring dystopian, end-of-days lyrical content and bristling passion to the table, giving "Dystopiary" a double-shot of venom to go with the bullish beats, driving instrumentation and humungous basslines.

Lead single Circle was selected by Adidas to soundtrack the brand new advert for AC Milan FC. Available on Particle Zoo from Friday July 29th, the single includes the full vocal version, featuring The Scribes, the instrumental version and a remix by Figure of Wax.