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Pronounced: /youˈn'hooz'arr'mee / YOU-n-hooz-ARR-mee / "You and whose army"


Ewan Hoozami is a DJ/Producer/Vocalist and the frontman for his own band 'Ewan Hoozami Live', based in Brighton, UK.
He's played stages the world over with a technical blend of party-rocking funk, beats and bass, while winning legions of fans for his unique songwriting and multi-instrumentalism.

A disciple of Hip-Hop culture, he was raised a crate-digger, turntablist and rapper, yet possessed with a little blue-eyed soul, an appetite for studio-experimentation and a passion for searching out the grey areas in between genres, his music often defies easy categorization, leaving him to coin his own sound - Robot Soul.

"My approach is simple: there is great music in every genre, so why limit yourself? I love making people dance, so I spend most of my energy on uptempo music, but I also need to be able to express myself through music that deals with the full range of human emotions. I get as wildly excited about finding strange records from bygone eras as I do about discovering the most pioneering new music, and I hope my music reflects that."

Ewan's technical skills include a unique 'one-deck' DJ style fusing vinyl techniques with digital trickery, fast-as-lightning MPC routines, intelligent and heart-felt lyricism, a critically-acclaimed singing voice and intelligent rap flows.

With the worldwide release of his Robot Soul album featuring on iTunes' front page, his debut artist EP on legendary Funk/Breaks imprint Goodgroove Records, and having been described as an "Emerging Icon" by the world-famous Huffington Post

Ewan Hoozami is a true 'rising talent in British music'


Funk From The Trunk - One of the UK's premier Party-Rocking Funk/Hip-Hop DJ crews.
Box Rocket - Bass Music remixers extraordinaire.
Curious Music For Curious People - All vinyl madness exploring World, Psych, Fuzz, Funk and Rare Groove.
Particle Zoo Recordings - label boss.

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