Aeon Musk

Aeon Musk?were stumbled upon in late 2014 by a local carpenter named Olaf Stapledon.
By pure chance, as he walked his dogs through the Siberian forests that surrounded his hermitude, he heard the strains of an unidentified Roland JXP-8 gliding up from a hitherto derelict bunker.
Drawn to the mesmeric sounds within he edged nearer and lo! beheld their bedraggled architects.
Lost and presumed dead during the distant Cold War, brothers Adam and Daniel had been lurking beneath the surface ever since, their very existence sustained only by their craft.
Using long forgotten audiophons, intercepted broadcasts and artefacts of redundant synthesis, they worked tirelessly, barely pausing for food or rest, the brothers grim dedicated every hour to perfecting Aeon Musk; a synthesis so perfect it would open a navigational portal in the very fabric of space and time, and, just maybe, transport them home...
But after so long in the wilderness, what could home offer them now?

Particle Zoo Discography:

Motorboat Cavalcade (PZR0029)
Sunrise On Reem (PZR0026)
Zoo Keeping 2 - 'About Time' (PZR0012)